Presence Threatens SMS Instant Messenger

LONDON - Short Message Service or SMS is threatened to disappear from the activity following the increasing number of mobile phone users instant messenger variation, both from mobile phones and social networking sites like Facebook.

A number of British technology experts predict the number of SMS in the country will fall to 20 percent over the next two years. Instant messenger services on the BlackBerry or fuel 'accused' as the main cause. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (04/27/2011).

They note if the messenger service on the BlackBerry has become the primary choice of most British teenagers and students to communicate. BlackBerry sales in the country carrying six-fold increase over 2010, mainly by users aged 16 to 24 years.

Telecommunications expert warns if this trend continues until they mature, then the SMS activity could be going to disappear in the next generation.

Indeed, this messenger service has many advantages than SMS. In addition to the message delivered more quickly, users also do not have to spend the credit because these services can be enjoyed for free.

Managing Director Graham Brown TalkTalk broadband provider immediately agrees prediction. "We have seen the decline in SMS usage among teenagers and the main cause is the BlackBerry. Teenagers and students have a BlackBerry 'legacy' because their parents are replaced with new ones. The teens even this began to explore (the features), the cell phone," he said.

Meanwhile, mobile Nomura analyst Richard Windsor, claiming, "When the SMS activity began to decline, I think that number will continue to decline until it reaches zero."

Not only that, according to latest reports, instant messenger service was allegedly going to displace the email function that makes this service is also threatened with extinction in the future.