Pele Best Fixed

HONG KONG - Do you agree if Pele claimed to be the best player of all time? Yes, at least that which is recognized solely by the legendary Brazilian.

Indeed, even though Pele was retired as a professional player since 34 years ago, most people still regard it as one of the world's best players. Not only as a legendary, 70-year man also has the ability to conjure through the words say.

Pele noted as the youngest player who successfully embrace the World Cup trophy. Throughout his career, the former striker Santos and New York Cosmos booked more than 1,200 goals. Uniquely, Pele initiative has not claimed any players who could match his achievements.

"Nobody who does what Pele," he said on CNN. "Being a world champion when he was 17 years old, won the World Cup three times, and scored more than 1208 goals, only him," he added, while praising himself.

"Until now, no one has done, to me, Pele still the best. You can call players who take part for 10 years, for example, (Franz) Beckenbauer, (Michel) Platini, (Eric) Cantona, Bobby Charlton, George Best, then (Diego) Maradona and Zico.

"players were engaged in a long time. Currently, the players only lasted one year, two years, then disappeared, "said the man who served as Honorary President of the New York Cosmos, quoted from Soccernet, Wednesday (04/27/2011).