Palermo - AC Milan Serie, Delio Rossi's Regrets

MILAN - AC Milan Masimilliano If allenatore Allegri still give a standing ovation to the pillars, not so with Delio Rossi. Palermo boss was not able to cover penyeselannya on his team earned a draw when challenged Milan in the first leg of the Copa Italia.

Rossi deserved disappointed, saw his team lead 2-1 but had to accept reality, closing the match with a score of 2-2, after young midfielder Milan Urby Emanuelson equalized.

"We face a big team with high confidence now," Rossi said in a press conference after the game, as unquoted Football Italia on Thursday (21/04/2011). "Frankly, there are some regrets with the decline a bit of concentration. Cynicism we could have come up with kemenagan, "I do not deny Rossi, he was still overwhelmed with disappointment.

Nevertheless, Rossi still provide an appreciation of the spirit of the play draw against Palermo at the team that was rising, Milan. "I am pleased with the performance of the team mini night (local time). You need a performance like that to get something from a team like Milan today.

Rossi added. "If Palermo against Milan, and we are a favorite, then there is something wrong. We will take a better performance in the second leg nantu to see whether we can reach the finals. "