Official invitations to RI Awarded to the Embassy

JAKARTA - British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull said the official invitation of the prospective marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton His wife is given to Indonesia's Ambassador to the UK.

"Invitation to the Government of Indonesia officially given to the Indonesian Ambassador in London. As we know, relations between Indonesia and the British Government is very good," said Ambassador Martin Hatfull at his residence in Jakarta on Friday (29/04/2011).

"Your ambassador in London has accepted the invitation. I'm sure this will effectively represent the government of Indonesia. I think the pack Yuri Thamrin would be honored to represent Indonesia in the wedding procession," he continued.

Meanwhile, about the manner of worship of marriage, according to Ambassador Hatfull same as other couples do the wedding.

"Basically, the procedure of worship held marriage (to William and Kate) to follow the normal procedure of worship like they do the English church. So for those of you who never saw a wedding at the Church of England worship, you will see the celebration to them (William and Kate) tantamount to marriage in general, "the Ambassador said Hatfull.