Not yet sanctioned the construction of JSS President

JAKARTA - The development of the Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS) that has been digembor-touted fact still not received the blessing of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

Deputy Minister of Transportation Dardak Herman explained, the construction of the bridge project still could be done until the publication of draft legislation that the president was in the Cabinet Secretariat.

The plan, after pepres it out, the bidding process can be done immediately. "It's still Perpes stage, tender this out, but we did not know also when perpresnya out," he said when met at Building JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/12/2011).

Hermato who is also chairman of the National Team JSS, add a feasibility study related to the study of technical problems JSS project development is still done. The study and survey that is currently done is about the right building site, and the ideal distance to Mount Krakatoa.

"The goal is to find the best possible distance in a technology can be implemented such as the nearest distance but avoid the mountain, and his deepest trench 140 meters, so we're looking pillars,"he explained.

He said the government seeks to project JSS become children of the nation, although in terms of funding allowed to receive foreign assistance. The project is expected to begin physically built in 2014.

"The bridge (later) in the middle, there is also a railway line, there are utilities such as electricity, water supply, telecommunication, and gas. So this multifunctionality and packaged, "he added.

Public Work Minister Djoko Kirmanto convey at this time there are three foreign investors from Malaysia, China and South Korea.

"JSS is a lot that interested, I can not call his name, yes, that is clear from Malaysia, China and Korea at that time also there," he said on the same occasion.