New Zealand Centre for Cybercrime?

Wellington - An Internet group said that an International Region in New Zealand is the Head of cyber crime.

Tokelau, three milikini Small Island of New Zealand is located in the north of The Name of Samoa, domain name given its violation. tk. Evidence indicates that the site address Tokelau (tk.) Kesawan internet cyber attacks dominate.

Kesawan Phishing attacks, are sent to the email address various randomized, Yang asks the user to Go to Shopping sites, auction sites and Banking Fraud. Thus quoted Demolition Yang Of Stuff, Thursday (04/28/2011).

Institute of Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), in Global Phishing Reports said that most of the related domain registration Phishing attacks New Articles Come From South Korea's domain and the Tokelau Islands.

APWG also said that phishing attacks Asset IN mid-2010 comes from the Tokelau Islands.

Saccharin ITU, the researchers also found that approximately 28 percent of the registered domain of the region aimed at crime.

"Phishing attacks Own ITU came mostly from China, Though many are Created to attack the Chinese e-commerce sites,"said the APWG.