Mourinho quipped, Guardiola furious

MADRID - The atmosphere of the first semi-final heat ahead of the Champions League match between Real Madrid contra Pep Guardiola's Barcelona made the usual relaxed now furious and issued a word diatribe.

It happened at the press conference ahead of the match at the Santiago Bernabeu. Guardiola emotions suddenly ignited after hearing statements from the opposite camp coach Jose Mourinho.

"He spoke to me directly, so I do the same. Tomorrow, we'll meet on the field at 20:45. Outside the game he already beat me, "said Guardiola.

"In this room (the press area) he became (f *** ing) the boss and I could never compete like that. I do not want and can not, "as quoted ketusnya Goal, on Wednesday (27/04/2011).

Then the words of what is causing Guardiola could behave like that? Yes, Mourinho on the same occasion was mentioned Guardiola statement about the referee. Men who had a career as a player admitted Roma and Brescia was worried by the appointment of referees by UEFA. There are indications that sentiment of nationality if the continent football federation appointed Pedro Proenca blue so that in fact comes from Portugal.

UEFA will understand the situation ultimately prefer Wolfgang Stark. But unlucky for Guardiola, it is even so the boomerang kekhawtirannya. Mourinho who is known for clever psychological trick the opponent directly behind the attack.

"This is the first time I saw the coach criticized the referee even before the game. When I complained about the referee, I do it honestly. And if he was responding to my right, then no problem. We must play the maximum. It's not about the referee, "said coach nicknamed The Special One.

Guardiola is already hot heard teasing Muorinho then try to respond with sarcasm as well.

"I congratulate the Madrid because they deserve to win the Copa del Rey after defeating the team that I tukangi also proud. But I also never blamed the referee for the bad outcome, never, "said Guardiola.

Yes, Mourinho had always been known as a diligent coach sent a protest to the game including the court on the gridiron.