Lady Gaga Kolaborasi dengan Musisi India

LONDON-singer who always wears a unique nan extreme clothes on stage, Lady Gaga, rumored to be singing the songs of India.

Seems to plague Indian songs began surging into the U.S. music industry, then menginpirasikan mix music with a touch of Indian music, as did Lady Gaga.

According to reports Desi Hits, Born This Way song Lady Gaga's will remix with the songs of Bollywood (India).

Currently, the singer / songwriter has collaborated with music composers Salim-Sulaiman on Hindi film version.

Manager GaGa's Troy Carter, revealed: "We are collaborating with music producer India from around the world to show our respect and appreciation for our fans and for fans of Desi Hits (media entertainment in India) and the music community." That fits DigitalSpy, Sunday (11 / 4 / 2011).

"We look forward to collaborating with Desi Hits in the near future."

Gaga just received praise from actress Priyanka Chopra, after the two met at Madison Square Garden.

Gaga is also rumored to soon be shooting the video for 'Ra.One' project with famous Indian stars, Shah Rukh Khan.

While her new single, Judas, has been confirmed to be released on 19 April.