Guinness Billiards Championship title in 26 Cities Indonesia

JAKARTA - The world's leading producers of beer, Guinness again held an event titled the International level billiards Guinness Series of Pool 10 Ball Challenge Tournament. To organize this championship, also took home Guinness Billiards in Indonesia POBSI sports and world class sports television station, ESPN.

The purpose of this grand title menghelat Guinness is not to give a chance to pe-amateur billiards across Indonesia to attend the International scale tournament. The series of this tournament had been due to take place in 26 cities across Indonesia.

In his press conference at the Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta, Thursday (4/14/2011), John Galvin as the Guinness representative in Indonesia said the step Giunnes hold this tournament is not to promote sport and Develop Billiards in Indonesia.

"The tournament is proof of Guinness's commitment to support the sport globally and locally. It's a proud moment for us to announce the Guinness World Series of Pool who had held the fourth time in Indonesia, "Galvin said in front of journalists.

"We provide the opportunity for all people to become champions. Mainly amateur billiard players who want to participate in this event, "said Galvin.

PB POBSI who represented the Chairman Generally, Tutuk Kurniawan not forget to give greater attention on the Guinness to promote sports participation Billiards in Indonesia. "We warmly welcome the support of Guinness to develop the sport of billiards in the country. Guinness needs to get appreciation. Thanks to the management of Guinness. Billiards Hopefully more advanced, "explained Tutuk.