Dramatic, Bryant Heart crush Kings Fans

Sacramento - fierce duel in the arena of Power Balance Pavilion, Sacramento headquarters, between the host Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday (04/14/2011) morning. After going through an extension of time, the host finally gave up.

Playing in public Sacramento, Pau Gasol et al took the first quarter with the score 31-26. Both teams had to share the same points six times. But after a 22-22 draw position, the Lakers kept going and closed the quarter with twice as Kobe Bryant free throw.

Lakers re-package the advantage in the next quarter. Sacramento had kicked off early in the game and approach points the Lakers 30-31, but back scattered behind the visitors. Lakers successfully widened the distance at the end of the second quarter. Score 25-22 to make the Lakers even stronger with the advantage 56-48. The third quarter the Lakers unstoppable and won by a margin 10 points 32-22 / 88-70.

But surprisingly Sacramento rapid rise and dominate the fourth quarter. Marcus Thornton et al won a landslide victory in the closing quarter. Lakers nearly lost in a tragic even if there is no Kobe Bryant who scored three points when the game again 4.8 seconds remaining. Score ended 29-11 to the Sacramento Kings, so the total points of both teams as a draw, 99-99. These results are forcing the match continued with the extension of time eventually won by the Lakers 116-108.

Three Lakers star showed his class in this game. Bryant contributed the most points, 33 points, Lamar Odom 22, Pau Gasol scored a double-double with 18 points, 13 points tersubur rebound.Marcus Thornton contributed in Sacramento Kings with 33, Tyreke Evans scored 19 and Samuel Dallembert double-double with 16 points, 18 rebounds.

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