Vice President Sleep When Obama Speaking

WASHINGTON - When President Barack Obama spoke about his efforts to save the national economy for 30 minutes, Vice President Joe Biden could not contain his sleepiness and sleep.

In video footage seen two women who sit behind the Vice President of the United States (U.S.) also fought against their drowsiness.

Yet, Biden finally gasped and woke from his sleep. It is clear that they need to fight for Biden to stay awake. Similarly, as reported by the Telegraph, on Thursday (14/04/2011).

Dormition of Biden as Obama's speech triggered floods comment on the social networking site Twitter and the U.S. political blogs. Some of the comments some say if Biden was thinking hard, or praying.

Behavior Biden managed to divert the spotlight from Obama's speech and it was not the first time Biden made ​​a big mistake amid major political event.

Inadvertently, when reform legislation was passed, in front of a microphone that lights Biden said "big problem".