Create Madrid Gol, Spurs Game Over

LONDON - Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso believes that Tottenham Hotspur will give trouble to Madrid, in the second leg Champions League quarterfinal, at White Hart Lane, an early day. But, if Madrid can steal a goal it was a chance the Spurs closed.

Los Blancos bend the Lilywhites 4-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu last week. These results clearly make a step Spurs in his first experience in the Champions League a big threat halted. The reason, it is difficult to keep pace with four goals from a team like Real Madrid.

Xabi Alonso says that coach Harry Redknapp would exert all his club's ability to deal with this difficult mission. Redknapp has already explained that he was hoping would be a miracle in the match.

"We came to win, but I believe that Tottenham will show all his ability and maybe we will be hard to deal with it when it is not fully focused,"explained Goal Xabi as reported on Wednesday (04/13/2011).

"If we can score goals, then certainly step Spurs stopped and we drove. For that we must maintain a balance in the back, middle and front. It is very difficult for the Spurs if we could steal a goal, "added the former Liverpool player this.

Furthermore, Madrid will be met Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final. Alonso himself hoping to return to London and perform in the final fight that will be held at Wembley. Next month. However, it is important first to beat Barcelona in the semifinals.