CR7 & Kaka to Milan Will Not

MADRID - President Silvio Berlusconi's plan to bring Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka raises the pros and cons. Many doubted the financial ability to bring AC Milan's world-class players.

Later Mr Berlusconi is bragging about his desire to bring CR7 San Siro. However, it holds the status as the world's most expensive player, ambitions, Berlusconi is considered only a difficult dream realized.

Similar problems also apply to Kaka. Players who brought Madrid in 2009 and then did not get a prime spot and is often hit by injuries, but the Real Madrid midfielder is believed to still need 28 years service.

FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti even sure President Florentino Perez would not just remove the two star to Milan.

"Perez had no intention of removing Ronaldo. In the next few years, things may happen, but not for the moment, "said Bronzetti, Goal quoted as saying on Thursday (04/14/2011).

"Kaka has recovered from injury and her idol at the Santiago Bernabeu," he added, as he confirmed Perez would not return to Milan's Brazilian international.