Apparently Norman Enthusiasts Songs From Little India

JAKARTA-The Secret of action Bripka Norman skilled Indian songs turned out to be his childhood. As a child, Norman was very fond of movies and Indian songs.

Norman is now pacing the various television stations said that if the music has been ingrained in him.

"I love Indian music from the first. The point of the first Indian film to be on TV, I was immediately like, "Norman said when talking with the Studio 1 RCTI JAKARTA, Jakarta (04/12/2011).

Her love arise because he often saw the movie and he loved India with scenes that have songs and dance-dance. For him it could provide its own spirit.

He also said if in his cell phone there are lot of Indian songs are always played at any time.

"Back then I still IIPA all Indian songs and the singers name, but now that Chaiya Chaiya him. If the figures remain idol Shahrukh Khan, "he admitted.